PUP Suggestions

Beliefs and recommendations for our online PUPs… ;)

that would be great • When communicating with another PUP member who has given you their phone number, think about going old school and making a phone call instead of texting them to death.

• Try to meet in person within 1 week to 2 weeks of your first online contact. Do not fall for someone who doesn’t make time to see you. (We wouldn’t want to be an example of the “Catfish” TV show)

• We recommend that your first meet-up be somewhere crowded: a coffee shop, a shopping mall, or a dog park during the morning or afternoon dog walks (or cat walks.)

• We don’t recommend meeting for dinner just in case your pups have different diets, so consider picking an activity that can be enjoyed by both.

• Follow your gut instinct, and if you have a dog, your dog’s instinct. • When meeting up, make yourself easily identifiable in a crowd by wearing a name tag or holding a sign bearing your online member name. You will be easy to spot when you show yourself as “GreyhoundRider” or “Kitty4ThePeople”.

• Showing enthusiasm when meeting can be a plus, but we discourage mounting as it can be perceived as too forward.